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A cloud-native Kubernetes environment for deploying modern software at scale.

Moondog Navigator

Moondog Navigator

“What used to take me hours now takes minutes!”

Now available to an early group of beta testers, Moondog Navigator is a UI tool for navigating your Kubernetes cluster resources.

Deployed to your cluster via Helm, your team of App Engineers, DevOps Team can safely browse, inspect, and diagnose what is happening in the cluster – all through secure, read-only access over the web. No local tools required.

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Moondog Engine

Moondog Engine

From 0 to K8s in hours, not months.

Coming soon, Moondog Engine is our opinionated distribution of Kubernetes.

Over and over again, we hear people say Kubernetes goes from simple to complex almost immediately. They wish the decision-making process could be drastically reduced.

With Moondog Engine, you get the power, flexibility, and portability of Kubernetes while fast-forwarding the work required to mature into a GitOps-enabled, production-ready environment.

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